24 February – 25 February 2018   Filmverkstaden, Finland
by Rebecca Erin Moran & Lichun Tseng

This workshop will be focused on experience, observation, awareness, and practice in relation to image-making on 16mm film. The workshop will focus on cyanotype as a light sensitive emulsion; its uses and abstractions. Participants will be guided through various excercises, in order to reach a new understanding of their own process. This approach aims to spark new ideas, understandings, and become input for a personal and reflective way of filming and experimenting.

The workshop will consist of three parts, creative observation exercise, lab work, and exposure image-making. There will be a final screening presentation at the end of class on Sunday.


Workshop time schedule:
Day 1: Saturday 24 February
Introduction, discussion and exercise 1_visible/invisible
Material: A4 papers and pens

Lab: cyanotype practicum _ mixing and coating
Material: clear 16mm film, cyanotype, gelatin

Day 2: Sunday 25 February
Exercise 2_Blue, mindmapping

Lab: image-making, exposing, processing
Material: everything under the sun