30 June 2018   01 July 2018   07 July 2018   08 July 2018

Atelier-reflexõesrefratadas (Tomar, Portugal)


This 16mm introduction workshop will be focused on experience, sensation, observation and awareness in relation to the b&w filmmaking. It combines an introduction of basic b&w 16mm filmmaking – covering it from material, camera, to lab work – as well as personal experimentation and exploration of light, time and space.


  • 16mm film medium (light sensitive and time-based)
  • 16mm camera operation
  • 16mm b&w film processing: negative and positive
  • 16mm film printing in alternative ways


  • Film is…
  • Light is…
  • Time is…
  • Space is…
  • Black and White
  • Negative and Positive
  • Dark and Light
  • Slow and Fast
  • Still and Motion