rhythm float

Installation | video | performance | Blank newspaper | hardboard | bamboo | 2009 | paraplufabriek | Nijmegen | Netherlands

The light within the room’s space reflects the atmosphere of rhythm and of emptiness. The change in light conditions is part of the installation. Viewers moving through the suspended paper sheets to the empty center space in the passage of light and time, the passage made by hardboard which block the window toward to the roof as a result reflect the light on the ground. In addition, behind it there is effectuated by a Video projection, experience the space’s atmosphere of emptiness and silence.

Collaboration project with Andy ten Broek & Marthijn Feijtel


rhythm float.01 rhythm float.02 rhythm float.03 rhythm float.04 rhythm float.05 6.2 rhythm float rhythm float.09 rhythm float.08 rhythm float.07 rhythm float.10 rhythm float.11

Meeting point is a project with four groups of art students from three schools. The project’s title refers to how different groups encounter and develop an idea together. In Meeting point Nr.3 our starting point is Water and Rhythm as inspired by classical Eastern thinking like the Yi-Ching, Tao and Zen.

Performance, the element of rhythm comes up in the opening. Movement and sound are made to communicate with space, with the environment and with each other. It ends with an unexpected thunder.