light leaks _ collective performance

Collective performance | @ IFFR sound//vision 2016 | 40min

Light leaks is an audio-visual performance by filmmakers: Esther Urlus, Lichun Tseng, Nan Wang and sound artist: Ji Youn Kang. Focused on using analogue devices to create an immersive experience of light and sound, using overlapping analogue projection images to create spatial and sensory experience inspired by the appearance of light leaks. Abstract forms pulse on the screen, slowly transform as additional, overlapping projectors create strange halos. As more projectors are added, an intense sensory overload in light, noise and color occurs.

vimeo – live documentation

vimeo – excerpt

light leaks 6 light leaks 5 light leaks 4 light leaks 3 light leaks 2 light leaks 1 light leaks lichun light leaks Esther light leaks Ji light leaks Nan light leaks judith

Sound : Ji Youn Kang

Image : Filmwerkplaats (Esther Urlus, Nan Wang, Judith v/d Made, Lichun Tseng )

visual documentation: Michaela Lakova and Mihail Bakalov