16mm / B&W / optical sound / 67 min / 2015

Fragments from the parts LiChun Tseng has directed in a collective feature film project.

It is a community feature film run by WORM Filmwerkplaats members since August 2013. It combines the work of four different filmmakers – Esther Urlus, Lichun Tseng, Nan Wang and Nick Aberson – using black & white 16mm film and Agile filmmaking practices to explore Rotterdam’s community and landscape in search for figures and traces of heroic spirits. The quest for an imaginary homeland, longing, memories and identity punctuate the stories of the ghost characters from this film.

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This segment:


Director: LiChun Tseng

Camera: Daan de Bakker & LiChun Tseng

Sound: Robert Kroos

Production: Marielle Verdijk


About Agile Filmmaking:
Inspired by Agile and Lean software development practices, we have adopted some of those working methods into our processes of filmmaking. We call it Agile Filmmaking. Among other working principles, this means that all filmmakers’ developments are influenced by regular feedback sessions, not just within the different film crews but also by public participation and feedback.