beyond the beyond I

This installation featuring artwork components positioned within a walled space, aims to convey contemplative experiences in the sphere of time and being, highlighting processes and results of change. It includes an arranged exposition of used tea-leaves, the artwork ‘Purl’, created with brush and ink and the video-impression ‘Rotating’, showing a floating leave, rotating in the air according to a rhythm that moves in between blur and distinct, inmersed within an installation, ‘gradual’, a suspension of semi-transparent sheets in the shape of squares and ripples, which move as people are passing by.

Characteristic of this installation is that the artwork components develop in form and atmospheric quality determined by time-induced processes of change.


Purl, Drawing, Ink, rice paper. 33 x 137 cm *4 , 2010

Rotating, video & 8mm film, duration 00:11:41:11, color / mute / 2010 presented by TV

Gradual, installation, 3mx6m, light tube, semi-transparent fabric, bamboo, rope, 2010

Tea leaves, tea setting, rice papers,

Expo / andergrond / den haag / Netherlands