automated landscapes

16mm – digital | b&w and color | sound | 24min | anamorphic 2:1 | 2018

An observational research about the relationship between automation, workers, and space.

Film – Director/Camera/Editing/Sound recording/Post Lichun Tseng
Sound: Robert Kroos

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Sincere thanks to:
Fred Chen, Alex Chen and the employees of Ashcloud Shenzhen ;
Steven Lee, Zheng Jianhong, Dong JinGuang and the employees of Rapoo Technology Shenzhen

Thanks to:
WORM Filmwerkplaats, Daan de Bakker, Esther Urlus, Patricía Chaves, Nan Wang, Nico Spaarkogel, Bernardo Zanotta, Merve Bedir, Marten Kuijpers.

This film is commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut as part of the research project “Automated Landscapes”, an initiative of the institute’s Research Department.