private viewing –Van der Venstraat 25

private viewing –Van der Venstraat 25 – It is a project that 7 artists present their works in 7 different private space in Den Bosch, Netherlands

01 Here | 40min | video | color | mute | 2008
This is a film showing a stay of 24 hours in an unfamiliar house, based on observing space on the rhythm of breathing with the camera in a fixed position, creating a visual pattern of an intermitting blurred and clear vision.

02 interval – shirley and jos’ 100 questions writing
video | color | mute | 42min  and 23 min loops | 2008

Shirley and Jos participated ‘100 questions’ project. They wrote their 100 questions which are important toward to them or their lives. These are written one after the other, from 1 to 100 in their native Dutch language. The video are presented in their house during the project, which document their writing process and reflect the interval of thinking.

03 | video | color | sound | 2008

private viewing.03 –Van der Venstraat 25 private viewing.01 –Van der Venstraat 25 private viewing.02 –Van der Venstraat 25