100 questions

100 questions.2008 100 questions.2009 | text by Lichun Tseng | 2008-2009

BAT REEL3 | SM’s museum | ‘s-Hertogenbosch | Netherlands

The artist has formulated a set of 100 questions which are crucially important to her. These are written one after the other in her native Chinese (Mandarin) language and translated into English. The first sequence of 100 questions was followed by a second list of 100 questions. The two lists are presented in the form of two papers within two separate boxes. They are meant to confront readers retroactively with whatever existential questions are becoming crucial in their own lives, leaving the formulation of answers open to each one’s own introspective motivation. The boxes with the lists of questions are probing their intrinsic depth as well as revealing subtle changes in the next consecutive list of questions posed one year later.

100 guestions 100questions.2009.ch 100questions.2009.en 100questions.2008.ch 100questions.2008.en