Exploring the essence of things,
developing the depth of experience and thought,
discovering the state of being:

passage, way, direction, process;
relationship, connection, association;
atmosphere, amorphous, ethereal, invisible;
rhythm, floating, breathing;
slowness; spiritual treasure;
truth, reality;
entirety, totality;
line, circle.

Dealing with the subtle relationship between

people and event;
time and space;
existing and nonexistence,
starting and ending,
having and not-having,
moving and static,
light and dark,
exterior and interior,
lightness and weight,
here and there.

Showing what underlies the situation, a sense of atmosphere in the connection between the self and others, the sensitivity of one’s life experience,
reflecting on the quality of being.

What is the essence?
Is the essence permanent or in flux?

What does time mean in the passage of the changing process?
Is real really real?
What is the nature of observation?
What can relationship, subtlety, and slowness reflect?
If we “stay” in a situation without naming or thinking the things we see, what can we feel and experience?

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