100 questions . 2014

  1. Can people’s voice be heard?
  2. What is real democracy?
  3. What is the value of living?
  4. What is the essence of life?
  5. Can the ones who have the power go beyond their own desire?
  6. Can strong people listen to the weak?
  7. Can a real voice be transformed?
  8. What is real?
  9. Why are we still endlessly repeating history?
  10. Can we feel and sense what has happened in other places?
  11. Can a faint light gather power?
  12. What kind of people shall we become?
  13. What kind of people can we become?
  14. Do we constantly go forward? Or go backwards?
  15. Do we still remember the connection with the land?
  16. Can we still remember the pure nature?
  17. Can people have less ego?
  18. Can people’s demand be heard?
  19. Can we really listen?
  20. Are we really listening?
  21. How about me?
  22. Will I be able to face my negative energy?
  23. How can I have the balance of life?
  24. What is freedom?
  25. Can I be free?
  26. Do people need to be afraid?
  27. What’s the line between majority and minority?
  28. What’s the key to balance?
  29. How to improve the difference and contrast?
  30. If there is nothing, what still remains?
  31. What is emptiness?
  32. What is nothingness?
  33. What is ‘having’?
  34. Do we really own what we own?
  35. Do we really lose what we lose?
  36. How can we continue?
  37. Why are there so many injustices?
  38. Can we destroy the vicious power?
  39. Why is there always contrast?
  40. How to believe? Can we believe?
  41. What should I believe?
  42. What is purity?
  43. Can people stop?
  44. What is the soft power?
  45. What can I do?
  46. What am I doing?
  47. Am I in the moment?
  48. Where am I?
  49. Who am I?
  50. Am I important?
  51. Are you important?
  52. What is real important?
  53. What is the line between letting go and attachment?
  54. Is it possible that more people are awake?
  55. Am I awake?
  56. Is there a way to let people live a better life?
  57. What is good?
  58. Is it possible to have a sustainable and balanced life?
  59. Do modern people lose something?
  60. Do modern people care about the economics too much?
  61. Can we have warmth between people?
  62. Can people communicate?
  63. Can people support each other?
  64. What can I still believe?
  65. Can it be without reasons?
  66. What kind of life do you want?
  67. How to live freely and lightheartedly?
  68. What kind of value of life can be achieved?
  69. How to live well?
  70. Can art have power?
  71. What kind of power can art have?
  72. Is there difference between in and out?
  73. How to observe?
  74. What is breathing for?
  75. What can we continue?
  76. What can we create?
  77. What can we change?
  78. How to change?
  79. What is in between control and non-control?
  80. Can we really go with the flow?
  81. Is there real peace?
  82. Do goodness and evil have to coexist?
  83. Can we be out of Karma?
  84. How to live in balance with nature?
  85. Can differences be respected?
  86. Is there real peace?
  87. Is there real chaos?
  88. How to observe my thoughts?
  89. What can I say?
  90. What should I say?
  91. What can I do?
  92. What should I do?
  93. What is the meaning of time?
  94. What is the meaning of life?
  95. What is the value of life?
  96. How to really live?
  97. How to really be?
  98. How will I continue?
  99. What is the original mind?
  100. Is there an original mind?

LiChun Tseng  4.April.2014  The Netherlands