Remnant from echo and shadow (2020), 16mm, 18min, optical sound, black and white

A portrait of Ronya Othmann (2019), 16mm, 2,5min, silent, black and white, by  by Cana Bilir-Meier and Lichun Tseng

Automated landscapes (2018), commission work, 16mm -digital, 24min, b&w and color, sound, anamorphic 2:1

Lang (2017) 16mm, double projection, 6740 frames each, mute, b&w and color

xun (2017) 16mm, 69sec, mute, b&w

the captured light of an instant (2017) 35mm, 20min, Dolby SR, b&w and color

jianjian (2016) 16mm, 3 loop projection, optical sound, b&w and color

Hometown (2015) 16mm, 67min, optical sound, b&w

Flow (2013) 16mm, 17min, optical sound, b&w

Balga (2012) 16mm, 5min, mute, b&w

Ning (2011) 16min-video, 8min, stereo sound, b&w

Rotating (2010) video, 12min, mute, color

Ming.01 (2009) video, 4min, mute, color

Ming.02 (2009) video, 4min, mute, color (2008) video, 18min, sound, color

Passage. Hval station (2008) video, 30min, mute, color

Interval (2008.2009) 6 videos, mute, color

Passing (2008) video, 6min, mute, color

Passage (2007) video, 4min, mute, color

Sight (2007) video, 10min, sound, color